Handsome Avalanche

by Mountain Interval

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Handsome Avalanche is the final release from Mountain Interval. Recorded in March of 2012, instrumental tracking was done live so as to capture the energy of the band at its peak. This album serves as a record of our hard work and a reminder of the care and dedication we always put into the creation of our music. It is for us, our friends, our families, and for the people who worked with us along the way. Thank you forever!


released May 22, 2012

Mike Benoit - Percussion.
Alexa Renaud Clark - Vocals, Saxophone.
Jake Grant - Guitar.
Sam Witty - Keyboards.
John Zarcone - Bass.

All songs written, arranged, and performed
by Mountain Interval
Produced by Mountain Interval
Recorded and Mixed by Grant Wicks [Dead Ringer Recording Co.] at Famous Shut-In Studio,
Easthampton MA
Assisted by Thom Lopes
Mastered by Josef Lincoln
Art and Design by Alexa Renaud Clark



all rights reserved


Mountain Interval

Mountain Interval was an explosive indie rock quintet from Western Massachusetts. Started in the summer of 2009, the band played all over the Pioneer Valley and released one single, one EP, and one LP. Unfortunately, the group disbanded in the harsh winter of 2012. ... more

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Track Name: Red Spring
you are a pendulum
like a rustling tree
hands like monarch wings
always moving
but touching nothing
we are
the two eyes
of the man in the desert
i see what you see
the warming matter
that gradually gathers
a heat wave ripples
like a living thing

we came
an open grave of cattle reeking
like life
does its leaving
rising upwards through the smell
the flies all gathered on the fencepost waiting
moving as if

as if
with something stolen
like a magnet
forcing motion
picking up
on what’s unspoken
and woven
Track Name: Blowguns
take the hand of the changeling
be led through her storm
laughing lantern teeth gnashing
wide, white
wolf eyed invitation
bells on a ring
keys to the place where
dunes of light
make möbius waves

i left my
body when
i met you

fingers stretched
smoothing tempest hair
a new use for hands
doe eyed wraith
set to running
knowing why
without knowing why

i left my
body when
i met you
i met my
body when
i left you
Track Name: Try
men do not
pace the earth in that way
only creatures

no one should stoop so
i don’t believe in God
but i believe in the truth
and i believe in you
and i believe that everybody should

men do not
pace the earth in that way
as if a tiger in a cage
Track Name: An Old Stone
shoulder to grass
there is a clap
spike of light
your head a halo
graphic pound
you disappear
there will be plenty of
second chances
in other nightmares
to find you
but i...

put my head down
wake up in four hours
i dreamt the whole thing
walking through
rows of appleblossoms
in white robes
and in darkness
outlines in glass
lit up form like neon signs
electric cadence
it was something holy
i couldn’t put my finger on

it took us
longer than we thought
to become strangers
i keep thinking
you’re just around the bend
just ahead

but i can’t get to you
roll back over
i’m not missing
anything else

meet at the restaurant
decide you’re not hungry
you look tired
this is an island or desert
there is no exit
glued to vinyl booths
with bottomless cups
no egress
only endless love
ending us

there you are
sitting on the steps
the steps of
the house we built
someone else
Track Name: Sin Eater
low hanging, swinging end of wire
spark fire on black tarmac roadside
wind built bricks lightning defies

the palate of tonight
is enough to paint
the walls of this scene
on our open eyes

learned how to build
by watching the sun rise
body controls
construct the new night

spread apart all i own
below ladder rungs i wrote
broken things that belonged to me
in their place in measured space
from above a cityscape
wind chased ash
my chronology building
Track Name: Indian Pool
i tried to carve you out of granite
found you later, glass and sand
lightning divots in your chest
thunderbolt in hand

at the indian pool
all red, yellow, and blue
the trees, the sky, and the face of a fool
broken the surface
broken by passage
broken by time
three goats and a bridge and a charred boardwalk
and my own wall of coals
coming back from the goldrush
east to new england
my heart of clay

snow is grey
there is no time to waste
there is no time
sun is down
all the leaves green must brown
there is no time to waste
there is no time

well I know
you want to find a place to
call your own
but baby,
you’ve gotta know that home is always in my arms

snow is grey
your cheeks
are red as clay
we’re sweating
at the break of day
in our own time
leaves are brown
everybody’s fallen down
we burned down your childhood town
at the end of the day

so come you now to
final ardor
and with our eyes
surely see
sights of glowing
ruby harbor
your skin is suited
right for me
Track Name: Suns
nothing was lost in the fire
our house was made out of smoke anyway
our faces were dust in their frames
and ashes come from,
we’ve all come from the sun
if i ever knew a genius
he grew up sad
now all that’s left is a punching bag
oh, no
i mean what’s left is his body
burned by
the sun
above, alone
she throws my voice
to the wind
i’m never gonna get it back
before the air
freezes up
and she is dead or sleeping;
can’t remember who i am
the sun
above, alone
Track Name: Fuchsia Foam Factory
you’re tied by a string
to the things you swore you’d never forget
there’s a trace on you
you don’t have to escape
stay on one condition
dismiss the dreams you call premonitions
you’re looking for some meaning
wipe off your mirror
without steam like a thin wall
it all becomes clear
i extend my reach beyond my ends
but find that nothing catches on
i know i dreamt a perfect song
i’m left with hints of what has gone
You swear by the force that you invent
you’re lead by the compass in your head
is what you grip a vice keeping you instead?
when you carry weight,
do it with grace
stay on one condition
dismiss the dreams you call premonitions
see all that can grow
what you still don’t know
see all you’ll let go
what you don’t have to know